Adaptive Systems

Adaptive Systems  is a Spanish Technology company located in Madrid which has highly qualified professionals specialized in military projects with high level of R&D.

With over twenty years of experience in building Simulation Systems, Adaptive Systems develops simulators for all types of weapons: Surface-to-Surface missiles, surface-to-air, Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface missiles, all of them based on standard low cost components.
Our staff has been developing military simulators since 1996 (both ex-novo and updates of obsolete simulators), offering 8 different types of simulators, Room Simulators -4 models- and Portable Simulators -4 additional models-.

Adaptive Systems has the “know-how”, tools, models and simulation technology to build simulators fast and easily. We develop our activity in Spain, according to the requirements defined by the Spanish Army, and we are continuously updating the requirements of our systems according to customer request.

Adaptive Systems has a development capacity that allows us to keep a sustained future evolution plan, integrated with existing systems. In order to reach that goal, the company is dedicating a significant part of its income to R & D, generating patents from it.

Specialists in Missile Simulation Systems for all types of missile weapons since 1996

Vision and Mission

We believe that simulation systems can be independent of the equipment manufacturers. We apply this idea to the simulation of missile launcher equipments, building simulators for several equipments of different manufactures.

Simulation is getting more complex and specialized day by day, with many parts in common to the different equipments to simulate. Manufacturing different simulators for each weapon, with different technologies and non-compatible among them, implies a recurrent high cost that today armies and security forces can avoid.

Our vision is that this work can and must be done by specialized companies that perform simulation systems for any equipment irrespective of the manufacturer. These simulators are standards-based, using low cost standard components where possible, expandable and interoperable.

Our mission as a company with high “know-how” on these equipments and independent of missile launcher manufacturers, is the research, development, manufacture and marketing of Simulation Systems.

Sustained updating plans, integrated with
existing systems

Competitive Advantages

  • Using the latest techniques and technologies for software and hardware.
  • Low-cost equipment oriented.
  • Using standard low cost components.
  • Easy handling and user-oriented solutions.
  • Scalable and networkable systems.
  • Self-installable and self-maintainable systems.