History and future previsions

Chronology of simulators/trainers development
2002/2003Indoor Team Trainer for Roland Missile Launcher (2 simulators interconnected, with a control station)
2004/2006 Portable simulators for Milan Missile Launcher (60 portable simulators)
2007/2008 Indoor Team Trainer for Mistral Missile Launcher. (3 simulators with a control station)
2008/2009 Portable Simulators for TOW Missile Launcher. (20 Portable Simulators)
Indoor Team Trainer for 3590 Anti-Aircraft Gun. (3 Fire stations + instructor station)
2010/2011 Portable simulators for Mistral Missile Launcher. (14 portable simulators)
2011/2012 Indoor Team Trainer for TOW-Milan Missile Launchers. (EUMP Modernization and Evolution)
2012/2013 Extension of EUMP Indoor Team Trainer. Surface-to-surface Missile Launcher Simulator guided by a “state of the art” camera.
Portable Surface-to-surface Missile Launcher Simulators guided by a “state of the art” camera.
2013/2014 Evolution to “All-Weather” Room Simulators for Mistral Missile Launcher.
2014/2015 Indoor and portable simulator for polyvalent Missile Launcher.
2015/2016 Evolution to “All-Weather” Portable Simulators for Mistral Missile Launcher.
2016/2017 Connection of Room Mistral Simulators with COAAAS-L.
2017/2018 Developement of new indoor and portable simulators for C/90 y C/100 (Alcotán).