Simulation Systems

Adaptive Systems is at the forefront in building missile simulators. We develop missile simulators of all types: Surface-to-Surface, Surface-to-Air, Air-to- Air and Air-to-Surface. All of them can be multi-connected (several of the same type) and interconnected (all with all from different types). Adaptive Systems simulators are manufactured in two versions, Room Simulators (plus benefits) and Portable Simulators, both are powerful and economical.

All of our simulators are based on reusable and low cost commercial components (COTS). All of them use a common core, which allows easy updating of the full range, according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Adaptive Systems has delivered over 110 simulation systems, performing Room Simulators (Team Trainer) and Portable Simulators (Single Post), including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile simulators. All these simulation systems are operative in various military units.

Our simulators allow training at all levels, from the analysis and creation of new missions, target location and tracking of it, planning and execution of firing exercises (Briefing), and the finally, analysis of results (debriefing).

The simulation can be performed from the triple perspective of teaching students, shooter´s training, or training doctrine.

Eight different kinds of Military Simulators, specilaized in surface to surface
and surface to air

Simulation systems developed by Adaptive Systems

Type of WeaponRoom SimulatorPortable SimulatorComments
Roland Missile LauncherX(1)(1) Not applicable, due to the type of weapon
Milan Missile LauncherX(2)X(2) EUMP Modernization
TOW Missile LauncherX(2)X(2) EUMP Modernization
Mistral Missile LauncherXX
3590 GunX(1)
Camera Guided Missile LauncherXX

Chronology of simulators/trainers development

Our Simulation Systems are made in Spain

Characteristics of simulation systems developed by Adaptive Systems

  • Our Simulators are independent of missile launchers manufacturers and for all types of weapons, using the “state of the art” techniques in simulation.
  • Our Simulators are made in Spain, according to the requirements defined by the Spanish Army, and we are continuously updating the requirements of our systems according to customer request.
  • Simulators are adapted specifically to each weapon on which the simulation is performed. The training is always performed with the same controls of the real weapon.
  • Based on low cost standard components (COTS).
  • All simulators are based on a common core, with specific extensions (hardware and software) for each simulator.
  • Features updating and new software versions, are immediately applied to all simulators, whenever these features are not specific of a single simulator. For example, new maps of land, new objectives, new graphics, new capabilities, and so on.