Upgrade of Mistral Simulators at the ACART of Segovia: Increased resolution and display speed of simulated scenes

Throughout 2021, Adaptive Systems will make comprehensive enhancements to the 3D display system of ACART’s Mistral simulators. These improvements include increased resolution and increased speed of the associated graphic management.

Increase of resolution

In 2020, the pilot test was performed based on the installation of a new 4K UHD LCD screen and the modification of its entire support structure, replacing the previous HD projector. The result was highly satisfactory for the simulator users, so the final installation of all simulators will continue in 2021.

With this change, viewing capacity is increased (from Full HD to 4K UHD), as well as image quality, with greater sharpness and contrast, which now allows working with light in the room (with previous projectors it had to be in semi-darkness to obtain apropiate brightness and contrast). In addition, the new screen with 16:9 format provides a greater lateral field of view and generates sound from its front.

New lighter structures have been designed to support the screen and new balancing weights have been calculated for the firing point .

The replacement of projectors by LCD, leaving behind projection lamps, means the reduction of costs and maintenance time.

Increase of Graphic Management speed

Later on, the simulation computers will be updated, increasing their performance and adapting the resolution of the display output channels to these new screens.

1. Simulator before upgrade with projector and projection screen.

2. Simulator after upgrade with LCD screen.